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Review: Imorden Flash F-1 Camera Sling

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Have you found yourself using your camera with the “came with the camera” camera strap around your neck, only to find that at the end of the day that your neck and shoulders are killing you? Fortunately, there’s a better way to go – camera slings! Camera slings are great because rather than putting all of the weight of the camera on your neck, the weight is distributed across your body. The difference is immediately noticeable.

I got my hands on the Imorden Flash F-1 Camera Sling and I have to say I’m loving it. I had been using a Black Rapid sling for the past three years (which I spent $60 on) and while I did like that sling, I always had a problem with it slipping and sliding on my shoulder if I was doing a lot of moving around while shooting photos (taking low angle shots, for example). After a few years of finding that problem annoying enough to want to upgrade, I was a bit disappointed to see that I’d need to spend around $75 for the Black Rapid sling that included extra support. Fortunately I found the Imorden Flash F-1 camera sling, which is far less expensive – only $23.95 on Amazon! Also if you use the coupon code LTTGFZXW when checking out on Amazon, you’ll receive $5 off! So that’s $18.95 for this sling, which is a crazy good deal.

Using the Sling

When I received the sling, it took me a few minutes to figure out what was what. It’s not immediately obvious exactly how to correctly put the sling on, and they also shipped the sling with an additional carabiner/strap combo which had me scratching my head. I figured out how to put on and adjust the sling after a few minutes – it needs to be put on in such a way that the additional support strap can go under your arm and attach to the clamp on the front of the sling (see the video at the bottom of this post for a quick tutorial). Once that was sorted out, I attached my camera and was pleasantly surprised at just how well the sling held in place. The extra support under my arm does a great job of holding the sling right where it needs to be when I’m doing any kneeling down, bending over, etc.

Imorden Flash F-1 Camera Sling

The Imorden Flash F-1 Camera Sling fits snugly and securely and does a great job distributing the weight of your camera.

Imorden Flash F-1 Camera Sling

The sling stays firmly in place on your shoulder when you go to take a shot.

Attaching the Carabiner

The extra carabiner/strap still had me confused, so I emailed Imorden. They explained that the strap attaches to where my old camera strap was attached (on either side of the camera) and that the carabiner attaches to the strap itself as a sort of fail safe in case, for whatever reason, the main clasp (that’s attached to the camera) fails. The image below shows a good example of how the carabiner/strap attaches to the camera and sling. In all honesty, I most likely won’t use the carabiner. I never had an issue with my other camera strap’s connection to the camera failing in any way, and I don’t expect this one will either. The carabiner/strap also hangs awkwardly from the camera when the sling isn’t in use, unless you remove it (which is sort of a pain). Still, it’s a nice option that Imorden included.

Imorden Flash F-1-Sling carabiner

Here’s how both the clasp on the bottom of the sling as well as the carabiner/strap combo attach to the camera.

Take a look at the YouTube video below if you get a few minutes – I run through everything that I discussed in this review.


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