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Turning on 240 fps on your GoPro

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I’ve had my GoPro Hero3 Black for about a month and I recently ran into a problem.  A friend of mine was telling me how he’s been shooting at 240 fps on his GoPro and how great the slow motion video is when shooting at that frame rate.  I checked my GoPro….no option for 240 fps.  I did some searching around, and I found that I needed to be in “WVGA” mode.  Ok, great!  I went to change my resolution to WVGA, but…no option for WVGA.  So what gives?  How does someone go about enabling WVGA?  Turns out, you need to disable “Protune”.  Shown below are where to find the settings for disabling Protune, and enabling 240 fps. These settings were taken from the GoPro app on an iPod Touch – get the app if you have a new GoPro!  Also bear in mind that WVGA is an SD resolution (it shoots at 848×480), so you aren’t going to get 240 fps in HD.

What you’ll see if you have Protune turned on (no WVGA!)


In order to enable WVGA, you need to turn off Protune (shown below)


Now that Protune is off, check your video resolution.  You should now be able to select “WVGA”.


And now check your FPS settings.  They should now say “240”.


Now you can shoot video at 240 fps.  I hope this helps anyone who had a similar problem!

Here’s a handy guide I found that runs through each resolution setting –

  • Steve

    Just got mine yesterday, and was scratching my head wondering where that option was, thanks for the tip

    • Glad I could help. They really buried that setting!

  • matt


  • Todd

    Ah. I have the opposite problem. Somehow I shot a number of clips in 240fps and want to play at regular speed. Anyone know how I can convert the files. The goPro Cineform Studio app seems limited. Thx

    • Do you have any software besides Cineform? Both After Effects and Premiere have the ability to slow video down (most NLE software can do it, actually). There may be some free options as well, but if you already have something besides Cineform I’d look there first. If not, I’ll try to find out what’s available for free.

  • Andrew T.

    Hi Tim. You mentioned that while shooting in WVGA the camera will yield 640×480 – it actually will yield @ 848×480 according to GoPro. Still not HD, but just wanted to let you know. Hope this is helpful.

    • Thanks Andrew – I just updated the post.


    Thanks for sharing! I was always curious.

  • Pete_EE

    I see you used the H3 Black. Does it work on H3 Sliver or H4 Silver? I am looking for the best deal on a high frame rate.

    • Hi Pete – the specs on the Hero3 and Hero4 Silver are exactly the same as the Hero3 Black for 240 fps video. You’ll have the option for 240 fps but you’ll be limited to WVGA at 848 x 480. There are rumors of higher resolutions coming in a “Hero4+” version. No idea when that might be happening though.

  • William Clark

    this is great news i have the go pro3 this is great and with hdmi out hooked to my atomos ninja 2 the quality should be great

    • That’s cool, William. I just did a video on working with 240 fps video in both GoPro Studio 2.5 as well as Adobe Premiere. I’ll post it to YouTube tomorrow.

      • William Clark

        I might be a min I have to get the gopro mini hdmi cable to connect to the atomos to capture footage but 240 frames ought to be awesome

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