I recently ran into a problem with Spotify when I told Spotify to import playlists from iTunes on a different computer than my normal computer. As soon as it imported those playlists, Spotify crashed and would crash every single time I tried to relaunch it (on both computers!).  The way I got around it was to do the following:

1. Disconnect from your network completely (just turn off wifi or physically disconnect your ethernet cable if you are hardwired in).

2. I was able to fire up Spotify at this point, but none of my playlists showed up.  But Spotify was at least running.  Now I could mess with some settings.  I went to “Edit”, chose “preferences” and the first thing I did in there was uncheck all of the ‘show tracks from these sources” options.

3. Next, under “cache” I chose a different folder for the cache location.  I just hit “browse” and created a new folder for the cache folder.

4. Exit Spotify.

5. Spotify never stopped working on my iPod, so I fired it up on there and deleted all of the playlists that were imported from iTunes. I did NOT delete my Spotify playlists, only the iTunes playlists that seemed to have caused the problem.

6. Reconnect to your network and launch Spotify. In my case it was working again and it started to repopulate all of my playlists.

7. Go back into preferences. You can set your cache folder back to the default location if Spotify is working again.

8. You can recheck those various “show tracks from these sources” boxes if you want now that (hopefully) Spotify is back up and running.  It appears it really doesn’t like playing nice with iTunes.

Hopefully this helps some people.  I’m not sure if the crashing issue is 100% related to iTunes playlists, but in my case that was it.