In episode 8 of The Couch, Tim and Bobby discuss one of the items mentioned on a previous episode (the Christmas List episode): the Gary Fong Lightsphere! If you are wondering if this is a product worth buying, definitely check this episode out!

The Gary Fong Lightsphere is a universal speedlite diffuser.  The goal with this diffuser is to expand the functionality of your speedlite and give it the ability to light up more of the room in which you are shooting.  It absolutely does do the trick.  In tests performed in studio, with the flash on camera, the light produced was more even, reached more of the subject and the background, and wasn’t as flat as it was when using the speedlite along (with the bounce card). In test tests performed, we found that you’ll shoot without the supplied cap about 90% of the time. The cap is useful in situations where you need the flash to produce as much light as possible, but in typical situations it creates too much light, which results in unwanted shadows. Overall, for the price (right around $40 from the lightsphere is a worthy addition to any photographer looking to get more from their speedlite.

Also included in this episode is a quick look at the Photorito, which is a pretty cool (and quirky) lens holder. It’s a protective lens wrap that looks like just like a burrito!

You can pick up your own Gary Fong Lightsphere from –

And the Photorito can be seen here –