A few photos from Belfast,  the first stop on a day trip to Northern Ireland.  We only had an hour to spare in Belfast, so we checked out City Hall at Donegall Square East and Arthur Square, close to the main point of access to Victoria Square. In front of City Hall is the Titanic Memorial Statue (The Titanic was built in Belfast) and in Donegall Square east is a statue called The Spirit of Belfast. The Spirit of Belfast is a public art sculpture by Dan George. The sculpture was unveiled on September 25 2009. The metal of the statue reflects the strength and beauty of shipbuilding, an important aspect of Belfast’s history. The statue’s texture is great for HDR photography! I wish I had more time for a few more HDR shots, but I did get one good HDR shot which you can see below.

Belfast has a different feel than Dublin. Belfast seems a lot more fast paced and has more of a “city” type of feel. Not sure if this is due to its size or its location, but it didn’t have the somewhat relaxed nature of Dublin. Still a cool city to visit.

Enjoy the photos!

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