If you are an Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro user and you aren’t taking advantage of Adobe’s Dynamic Linking capabilities, you really need to start doing so. Did you know you can import complete After Effects comps directly to Premiere, then have every change made to the After Effects comp automatically reflected within Premiere without any rendering? Or vice-versa – a Premiere Pro sequence dynamically linked within After Effects, with every change made in Premiere automatically reflected in After Effects with no rendering? All of this is possible by using Dynamic Linking. This can be a tremendous time saver, and I decided to go ahead and put together a tutorial video showing how it all works. The video also explains how to dynamically link Premiere Pro to Adobe Audition, how you can import a Photoshop document into Premiere Pro, how to quickly create a fire effect in Photoshop CC 2014 (natively, without plugins), and how the newest version of Lightroom allows you to create panoramic images without utilizing Photoshop.

Check it out: