Why You Need Spotify Premium Right Now

By far my favorite app on my phone (and iPod Touch, and my phone) is Spotify. I’ve heard some people ask why they would ever use Spotify when they already have Pandora? The answer I give them is simple: You can play entire albums, save them as playlists for later playback, and even share them with friends. Not only that, but you can create a playlist of as many songs as you like. Do you like the “radio” feature that Pandora has? No problem, Spotify has that too.

But that’s not what really blew me away about Spotify. What convinced me to go ahead and pay the $10/mo was the “offline play” feature that “Premium” users have access to. What this means is that once you create a playlist, you can tell your computer or mobile device to make it “available offline”, which downloads all the tracks on the playlist for playback whenever you like, whether you have a data connection or not. There’s no importing, no digitizing of a CD, all you do is create the playlist from the available album on Spotify. For $10/mo, to me it’s well worth it.

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