I put together a video that shows how Skylum Software’s Luminar 2018 works in conjunction with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. The software will also work as a standalone application (I show the differences between using it as a plugin and as a standalone app in the video). Hopefully this video will help you decide if you’d like to purchase Luminar 2018. The software is yours to own once you purchase it – no subscriptions whatsoever. Follow this link to purchase Luminar and use the coupon code FORD when checking out to receive $10 off.

You can view the video below:

I’ve come to really enjoy using Luminar 2018 as a final step in processing my photos. It adds that extra punch that I can’t quite achieve when using Lightroom by itself. As it stands right now, it’s a powerful Lightroom plugin, but I reached out to Skylum to ask about adding cataloging capabilities and they assured me that those capabilities are coming this year (2018).  Once that happens, Luminar can truly start to consider having people switching over to using it exclusively for editing their photos. As it stands right now, it’s still a very inexpensive and powerful photo editing tool. Here’s a short video from Skylum showing what the Luminar cataloging system will look like: https://youtu.be/9FCHmJiF894