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Using an Atomos Ninja Inferno with the Sony A7R III

I recently got my hands on a Sony A7R III (upgraded from an A7R) and one thing that I was eager to try on it was recording to an external HDMI device, specifically the Atomos Ninja Inferno 4k HDMI recorder. The Inferno is, in short, a portable HDMI recorder¬†that records up to 4k 60p resolution directly from your camera’s sensor. Your camera is saved from wear and tear and you get better video quality when using the Inferno. So how does it work with the A7R III? Find out…

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Video Frame Capture From a Sony A7R III

One of the (somewhat) hidden features of the Sony A7R III is the ability to quickly and easily pull a still frame from a video clip and this post shows you how to do it! The resulting image will be an 8 megapixel, 350 dpi JPG and will contain all of the typical metadata you’d find in a still image.

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